"The now seems like just a breath away."

Services we offer

1. Yoga * Meditation * Stretching​

Yoga is more than what you just see in these cheesy commercials portraying the perfect looking person in a perfect yoga pose who makes you think that you will never be able to attain that look, so you don't even bother to try. Yoga is a lifesaver. You can take your dose of yoga to your work desk or during a break to activate and reset any moment in your stressful day. Yoga is a powerful tool: Focus on inner growth, healing, expelling unwanted energy, gain control of your body pains, achieve more flexibility, show gratitude. It's simply a magic tool inside of you. And before you know it, you might wind up in a yoga pose you thought you'd never reach!

So what do I learn?
- Breathing Techniques
- Gain mental clarity and perform better in your career, school or private life
- Expel addictions such as to cigarettes, drugs, alcohol or sex
- Overall healthy body, digestive and organ function
- More flexibility especially in times of tech deformed bodies
- Muscle strength and joint support
- Stress, anxiety or depression release, finding inner happiness
- Having more energy and vitality


2. Voice Power

"Say what you want, but say it right"

"Sing your heart out"
This training is catered to anyone who has something to say: CEOs, public speakers, sales people, actors, and singers.
Need to convince business partners, or just want to order a meal with confidence?

Your voice is what makes or breaks you!
- Breath control and stamina
- Upper body flexibility and mobility
- Voice and endurance, strength, excercises
- Tonal exercises


3. Manifesting Rituals, attracting your desires & wishes

Yes please, how does this work?
Our outer world is a manifestation of our inner world. We are the outcome of our current
present self. We will learn to evaluate our thoughts and believe patterns that simmer in us since childhood and get to reprogram our brain to newer healthier patterns that serve us and the greater good and allow us to attract our desires into our lives.


4. Women Empowerment

Harness your feminine power and gain confidence, align your heart and body with your higher self, gain strength and endurance. Free yourself from chains and fears. Feel whole again and feel your connection to the earth. Find your true purpose in this lifetime. Allow yourself to embrace your nurturing nature. You were made a woman so embrace and find your way back to your femininity!
How do I reconnect?
- Discovery of inner true self, strengthen your intuition
- Self acceptance
- Rediscovering passion, desires and your inner fire
- Calling in for your twin flame
Through movements, breath work, little rituals, and essential oils.
Bring comfortable clothing, yoga mat, water, a smile, and your favorite items.


5. Man Up Training

Want to know what makes certain men so attractive no matter if they are a sleek Elon Musk or a raggedy Jason Momoa who have, despite their different looks, something amazing in common? Gain more sensitivity and develop your intuition. Start clearing your clutter and focus on what's really important. Find out what makes a woman who she is, how, and what they feel and how to attract your perfect superwoman into your life or find happiness in your current relationship.
So what do I have to do?
We work on exercises to gain vital energy, mental clarity, alignment, and building up physical strength. We furthermore will be working on manifestations and confidence training and finding out what makes us vulnerable.


6. Retreat

Are you ready to intensify and go on a well-deserved retreat, yeah a vacation? Grow deeper roots, wear bigger shoes! Connect with other like-minded people. I can promise you, after a transformation, you might suddenly find out who your true friends and family are.
Stay tuned for exclusive retreats we are going to offer! Available upon request.
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Retreats include yoga classes, meditations, essential oil workshops, fun group outings such as hot tubs, hikes, personal breakout sessions, success coaching, manifestation ritual, healthy meals, massage by healing therapists, sound baths, and voice activation, swimming pool, dancing!