"The deepest roots grow from the fire in our hearts."


About Sandy

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Sandy brings a wealth of experience having previously worked as a consultant to the United Nations committees on Conservation and Climate Change, Oscar-winning production teams, Emmy winners, and also the Swiss bank UBS.
She is also a stretching and yoga instructor as well a vocal coach, and regularly draws upon these skills to help people unlock their personal power by releasing any blocked energies, as well as opening and rebalancing the chakras. She also assists clients with advice on alternative healing, nutrition, fitness, and the mental aspects of wellness and being.

Sandy was working with Zenith Retreat in Malibu for 5 years and still works as an experience host with the amazing company Air BnB in California. Her clients are from around the world and range from Oscar winners, Emmy winners, to doctors, military as well as other high profile clients and just people passionate about learning and growing.

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