Enroll in Our Programs

Program A

Private one-on-one "on the go" session

Each session is 20 min to 90 min and has to be booked at least 24 hrs in advance. Simply choose from the main menu under "services" for what you want to work on.

Program B

Weekly, monthly regular sessions

We work once a week. The chosen day can vary and be adjusted to your work schedule and is a once a week commitment, or a bi-weekly commitment. Prices will be discounted for these packages compared to the "on the go" session. You choose from the "services" under the main menu, and you can mix it up each session.

Program C

Exclusive 3 or 6 weeks transformation

A commitment to yourself for 3 or 6 weeks of transforming your current situation and self. Start the new you with more power, endurance, and a new outlook on life. This program consists of a plan that is designed just for you like a designer suit, of all aspects of the menu. It includes 1 or 2 weekly sessions, one weekly call to action, follow up, and guidance throughout the process.